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  • PREPARATION: According to Canon Law, funerals may not take place on Saturday afternoons after 3:00PM, or on Sundays. All efforts should be made to contact the Pastor before any arrangements are made. Families should make the proper arrangements with the funeral director of their choice, whereupon he/she shall contact the Pastor immediately in order to check availability and finalize arrangements. In the case of cremation and/or suicide  the Pastor must be informed prior to making funeral arrangements. It is suggested that a one-page summary of the deceased person’s life be provided to the Pastor at least one day prior to the funeral.

  • SERVICE: The ritual of burial is divided into three sections:
    A. For the Home (Wake Service)
    B. For the Church (Church Service)
    C. For the Cemetery (Graveside Service).
    The first shall be performed the night preceding the funeral, the other two subsequently from the Church and then the Cemetery. The Church Service, or part “B” may never be performed at the funeral home nor anywhere outside of the church proper. No lay person may speak or give “Eulogies” in the church sanctuary. It is desirable that lay people speak at the Funeral Home or the Hokejash.

  • WAKE SERVICE: Families are free to use the church for ‘Wake Service’ Dan Gark. An additional fee will be required.

  • FEES AND DONATIONS: All donations are the responsibility of the family and should be handled through the Funeral Director. The customary donation to the church is $1,175 for non-dues paid members. The fee for dues paid members is $975.
    All fees and donations should be handled by the Funeral Director unless other arrangements are made with the Church office. The fee for the services of a guest priest is according to the individual wishes of the family.

  • IN LIEU OF FLOWERS donations are made directly to the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs. The Church will receive these directly from parishioners and individuals. Any and all envelopes with “Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs” printed on the outside, shall be opened only by a representative designated by the Pastor.

  • GUEST CLERGY: According to protocol, before any other priest is invitedto participate in a funeral, please consult with the Pastor.The invitation to other clergy mustcome from the Pastor. Please consult with the Pastor before making arrangements of any kind.

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