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Sports Weekend

Sports Weekend
Last weekend, in our very great New York City, a regional committee, including one of our own Holy Martyrs ACYOA Seniors, hosted the 2018 ACYOA General Assembly and Sports Weekend. The delegates from Holy Martyrs were Brian Sarafyan, Alen Dokmecioglu, Tanner Asadorian and Andrew Yenicag. The General Assembly, the annual meeting of the ACYOA, allows delegates from all chapters to conduct business and discuss previous, current and future plans of the ACYOA. The Assembly was a great success. Over the weekend, over a dozen teams from all across the East Coast, as well as one team from California, play basketball and volleyball. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship were very noticeable. Everyone was cheering, clapping and routing for their teams. Saturday evening, all came together to The Park Lounge at the Royalton, and on Sunday, the Under One Roof banquet was held at the Diocese, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Eastern Diocese. The weekend was very enjoyable and it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. The ACYOA does an amazing job bringing the youth together and all present members encourage others to come and join, or at least try it out and see what it is all about.
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