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Holy Nativity

Holy Nativity
On Saturday evening, January 5, the students of HMADS read the Scriptures anticipating the birth of Our Lord before the start of the Jrakalooytz Badarak. Congratulations to all the students for a job well done! At the end of Badarak, Fr. Abraham proclaimed Krisdos Dznav yev Haydnetsav as he lit the candles of the faithful. The light was then passed to each parishioner. It was a beautiful sight to see the children of our parish waiting eagerly to receive His light - and their smiles once they received it. A festive fellowship followed in Kalustyan Hall sponsored by HMADS.

"We give thanks that we can come together, once again, to celebrate the birth and revelation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," said Fr. Abraham during his Christmas homily. "We are reminded that Christ is coming to us in a miraculous way - as a baby - and He is coming to change the world. The revelation of Christ was a Revolution to this world!" Following the Christmas Badarak, the Blessing of the Water Service (Churorhnek) took place symbolizing the baptism of Christ.

Following the Christmas Badarak, the faithful followed Fr. Abraham and a procession of choir members, deacons and altar servers, outside onto the church plaza to the church auditorium for the traditional home blessing ceremony. After the blessing, the faithful approached Sarkis to congratulate him, kiss the cross and to take home some blessed water. Fr. Abraham thanked all the choir members, deacons, altar servers and volunteers for their dedication and service during the busy Christmas season. The festivities then continued with a delicious Communion breakfast sponsored by the Women’s Guild.

Krisdos Dznav yev Haydnetsav!
Tzezi Mezi Medz Avedis!
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