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Assembly 2019

Assembly 2019
Clergy Conference
The Annual Clergy Conference of the Eastern Diocese took place at the Babson Executive Conference Center in MA from April 29 to May 1. The conference, attended by 48 clergymen, was presided over by the Primate, Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan. Fr. Abraham served as the co-chair of this year's conference. Each year, two clergymen from Holy Etchmiadzin are present at the conference as representatives of the Mother See. This year, Fr. Gabriel Vardanyan and Fr. Ghevond Tyomkin were in attendance and had the opportunity to talk about their spiritual activities in Holy Etchmiadzin and at the Gevorkian Theological Seminary with their clergy brothers. 
During the conference, the Primate presented his visionary report, urging all clergymen to continue serving their parishes, raising Christian's spirit and faith, and strengthening the unity of the Church in Christ. During the meeting, both ecclesiastical and secular speakers presented various reports. In particular, they highlighted a number of important theological, religious, doctrinal, preaching, Bible, spiritual care, and mission issues. The conference concluded with the celebration of Badarak on Thursday morning, May 4, at St. James Armenian Church, with all the clergymen present. Following the Clergy Conference, all clergymen came to the Marriott in Burlington, MA for the start of the Annual Diocesan Assembly.

Diocesan Assembly
The 117th Diocesan Assembly, hosted by St. James Armenian Church, Watertown, MA convened at the Marriott in Burlington, MA from May 4 to 6 with 131 delegates present. Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan, Primate, presented the theme for this year - Christ’s Healing in a Broken World. "Healing is the basis of the Christian faith – people have always suffered – when Jesus picked the Apostles he set them out to help heal. Bringing healing to those who are not well is our work – it our core as Christian Armenians. We should be agents of healing and purveyors of hope and workers of reconciliation – we should be disseminators of faith - we are leaders of the body of Christ – we have the responsibility to a higher cause," said Fr. Daniel (paraphrased). In addition to prayer sessions and social activities, over the two days of the conference, the delegates heard reports from various departments of the Diocese, reviewed the annual budget and deliberated on new proposals. The delegates were also assured that there was no contract for the sale or lease of the Diocesan building or air rights. 
Congratulations to our delegates!
  • Gregory Saraydarian was elected as Vice Chair of the 2019 Assembly. 
  • Bruce Ashbahian was elected to the 2020 Proposals Committee.
  • Dr. Lynn Cetin served on the 2019 Nominating Committee, was elected as Chair of the 2020 Nominating Committee and reelected as a delegate to the Ecclesiastical Representative Assembly in Armenia.
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