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Holy Week 2021

Holy Week 2021

Holy Week 2021

Holy Tuesday
  - Remembrance of the Ten Maidens, 7:30pm
Holy Thursday
  - Badarak, 10:00am
  - Washing of the Feet (Vodnluva), 7:00pm
  - Passion Service (Khavaroom), 8:30pm
Good Friday
  - Crucifixion Service  (Khacheloutiun), 6:30pm
  - Burial Service (Taghoum), 7:00pm
Holy Saturday
  - Easter Eve, Scripture Readings, 6:00pm
  - Badarak, 6:30pm
Easter Sunday
  - Badarak, 10:00am


Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter Sunday at Holy Martyrs

Registration for Church Attendance

Some of the largest attendance at our Church occurs during Holy Week. Church services on Palm Sunday, Easter Eve, and Easter Sunday typically have more people coming to worship with us than on any other day of the year. However, in keeping with the current COVID-19 protocols mandated by New York State, we are still limited in the number of people who may attend in person in the sanctuary.
To make sure we adhere to these occupancy restrictions, we ask that you register in advance for the services you plan to attend during Holy Week – from Palm Sunday, March 28 through Easter Sunday, April 4.

  • Registration must be made directly with the church office: Please telephone 718-225-0235 or email office@holy-martyrs.org
  • For us to plan we ask that you register as soon as possible:
    • Palm Sunday - no later than Wednesday, March 24
    • Holy Thursday - no later than Monday, March 29
    • Good Friday - no later than Tuesday, March 30
    • Easter Eve - no later than Wednesday, March 31  
    • Easter Sunday - no later than Wednesday, March 31
  • Please note: Registration with the church office is not a guarantee of seating in the sanctuary. Seating will be on a “first come, first served” basis, so we encourage you to arrive as early as possible.
  • Individuals that arrive first will be seated in the sanctuary. Even if you have registered, if you arrive after the sanctuary is filled to the allowed capacity, you will be seated either in the Auditorium or Kalustyan Hall. Services will be projected on a large screen in those rooms for parishioners to view.
  • For our parishioners who are unable to attend the services in person, the services will be live streamed on the Church’s Facebook page for those joining us from their homes.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during these challenging times. We pray for the time when we may welcome all of our dear parishioners back in to worship together, in person, under the roof of our sanctuary. May God bless you and your family in this upcoming and hopeful season of Easter!

Please click here for the schedule of services.

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